Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Quotations are valid for a maximum of 30 days.

An alteration in quantity, sizes, specification or delivery may also necessitate price variation.



unless otherwise stipulated payment shall be a minimum 50% deposit to confirm the customers order.


Full payment is due when the goods are completely manufactured and ready for despatch.  No goods will be dispatched until full payment is received.


All customer orders are processed and manufacture commences as soon as customer’s deposit is received. Because Healthtec™ build’s to specific customer orders, once manufacture of your order has commenced or specialty components or raw materials have been ordered the deposit is not refundable.


Modified products or products that include options that are not listed on our standard price lists are non-returnable for refund or exchange.

Alterations to the product by the customer after manufacture or supply will be charged for.
Warranty claims for non standard products will be assessed on an individual basis by Healthtec™ management, if Healthtec™ believes that the warranty claim is directly related to the modification requested by the customer the normal warranty may not apply.
A product customisation form and drawing must be signed before the order is processed. A fee will be charged for the drawing of all custom/non-standard products. This fee will be payable even if the product does not proceed to manufacture.
The Customer accepts that Healthtec™ shall have no responsibility for the design or modifications submitted by the Customer for manufacture.
The Customer acknowledges that it is their sole responsibility for checking the application of Products and that the Products are suitable for any particular purpose.


Prices for products are set in accordance with the Healthtec’s price list which is subject to changes from time to time. The price payable is the price in effect at the time of shipment, or in accordance with a quotation specific to the particular Customer requirement. Such quotations pertain to only one shipment, and subsequent requirements for identical products may be subject to a separate quotation unless otherwise specified in the quotation.


For specific product warranty details refer to the product warranty document supplied with the product upon delivery. Or call our office on 1300 362 923 for further information
Healthtec™ warrants that goods of Healthtec’s manufacture supplied under this contract shall be free from defective workmanship or material and shall conform to such written specifications that have been provided by Healthtec™
It is a term of this warranty that the Customer notify Healthtec™ within 24 hours of receipt of goods of any claim that the goods have been defectively manufactured or processed and Healthtec™ shall then be entitled to require the Customer to return the goods for examination by Healthtec™ at the customers expense.
The warranty is subject to the goods sold or supplied not being tampered with or subject to improper treatment.
Equipment or materials not of Healthtec’s manufacture are sold only with such warranty as the manufacturer has given to Healthtec™, and as Healthtec™ may be able to enforce, such items not being warranted by Healthtec™ in any way.
Where goods are sold for use in combination with other equipment or materials this warranty is limited to the goods sold and not to any combination with other equipment.
Once Healthtec™ has replace defective goods or paid the cost of them, any goods returned to Healthtec™ shall become the property of Healthtec™.
No claim will be accepted by Healthtec™ for labour or other expenditure incurred by the Customer (except to the extent required by law) without written consent by Healthtec™. Healthtec™ shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damages suffered by the Customer even if related to the supply of defective or non-conforming goods.

10 Year Structural Warranty
5 Year Electrical Warranty
Vinyl Warranty Varies depending on brand (Maximum 3 Years)