Fabric Care Instructions

Healthtec Fabric Care Instructions


The vinyl upholstery requires cleaning with warm soapy water to remove skin oil from surfaces, especially around the areas where the face, back or chest come into contact with vinyl. Cleaning intervals should be once per day depending on use.

Note: Do not use alcohol or aromatic solvents to clean upholstery.

Treatment of Specific Stains

Always remember:

– Prompt attention yields more complete removal

– Wipe stains from ‘outside in’ to avoid spreading.

Lipstick, Shoe Polishes, Fatty & Greasy Stains

Remove as much of the stain as possible with edge of spoon, then wipe with cloth moistened with methylated spirits. Wash with warm soapy water and dry with clean cloth.

Chewing Gum

Set the gum hard with an ice cube. Then scrape over with the edge of a spoon. Wipe over with methylated spirits and finally with warm soapy water.

Ball Point Pen Ink

Wiping with methylated spirits is sometimes effective if stain is fresh. If stain is dry, treat with paste made from Fullers Earth or Light Kaolin (available from local chemist) and a bleach mixed with a few drops of methylated spirits. Apply to stain and allow to dry for three hours.

More than one application may be needed if the stain has been present for some time.


Never use furniture polishes, abrasive cleaners, steel wool or cleaners containing solvents as these items can cause damage to the vinyl surface.